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St. Patrick’s Day Decor

March 15, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and it’s all about GREEN. Spring is also right around the corner, which means warmer weather and color filled landscapes. It’s the perfect time to add a pop of green to your home.

Wall treatment

You can make a statement without painting an entire room green, although you certainly can. Perhaps add a wall treatment on just one wall, use green or nature-inspired wallpaper. Another clever and beautiful way to add a green focal wall is with a living wall. HGTV has a great post with tips on creating a living wall. Adding a distinctive wall treatment and accents can brighten up a room and give a space a bit of drama.

Green accessories

If committing to a green wall seems a little too permanent, try adding a few green accessories throughout the home. Decorative pillows, bedding, rugs, decorative trays, artwork, the choices are endless. With so many affordable options on the market like those found at Wayfair.com, it’s never been easier to add a little something different to add personality to your space.

Flowers & Plants

There’s nothing that says, “Spring is here” more than plants and flowers in bloom, making this the perfect time to bring fresh flowers and plants into your home. Not only are they pretty to look at, plants and flowers offer health benefits through purifying the air in your home. Each addition to your décor helps increase oxygen levels and remove toxins. As a bonus, plants are known to help you relax as they can create a calmer environment.

Did you know bamboo is a favorite with feng shui as it is known to bring positive energy, good health and luck? Lavender is best known for its stress-relieving benefits, which is why it is often used in spa products like bath salts, soaps and candles. Placing one near a bedroom is an excellent idea since it may help you sleep better.

For more ideas on decorating with green and more, visit our Hot Spring Design Trends blog.


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