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Hot Spring Design Trends

March 8, 2020

We are always on the lookout for design trends that are hot to decorate our Model Homes in Gulfport MS. For homebuyers to visualize the space as their own, the decor must reflect today’s modern and fashionable design trends. Here are a few of the trends expected to continue throughout the spring season.

Earth Tones

They are a slight twist on neutral decor. Most times, when thinking of neutrals, many lean towards shades of whites, beiges and grays. Some avoid earth tones all together thinking they are boring. Not so when you use them as a bold neutral color. These colors represent nature and have a neutral base, so you get the design feel of a neutral while getting a pop of color. Unlike the usual neutrals mentioned earlier, earth tones can make your space feel much cozier and, when paired correctly, very stylish.

Black and White

Still a classic, this combination has been in and out of the top trends more so than any others. It is one of the top design trends back for the spring season. Think of pairing your white kitchen with black accents. You will find black lighting and plumbing choices in our design selections with dozens of cabinet door styles in crisp, bright white. Add black cabinet pulls to the mix and you have a modern take on an old classic.

Green Accents

There are several ways to incorporate this color trend into your home. You can make a statement by painting the walls in a deep green. If you would like to incorporate green more subtly, add green pillows, a throw, live plants, or artwork. It’s easy to switch those out if you tire of the color but don’t throw them away; our homes have great storage space. Save them for a time when you’re in the green mood again.

Boho Chic

An eclectic trend reminiscent of the hippie influence of the 1960s and ’70s, this casual style incorporates natural or raw materials like sisal, wood, hemp and rattan. Think woven wall decor, a sisal area rug, leather footstool, or macrame plant hangers continues to grow across the country. Throw in a few vintage pieces and cultural items to create a warm and inviting space.

Geometric Patterns

This trend is as versatile as it is attractive and perfect for any living space since it’s one of the most simple designs. The easiest way to incorporate geometric designs into your space is with your home décor pieces. Geometric patterns are timeless and elegant and provide a touch of sophistication. The trick is to use it sparingly. Perhaps bring the pattern in through wallpaper, backsplash tile, area rugs, an accent chair or drapery. If you are nervous about going bold but love the idea of geometric design, try finding a tone on tone blend in a neutral color.

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