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January 25, 2024

The New Home Journey: Building Your Dream Home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with Acadian Homes

If you’ve decided to build your dream home on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast, you’re embarking on an exciting journey. Whether in Hancock County, Harrison County, or Jackson County, building a new home follows a series of well-defined stages. Our builder breaks them down for you as follows: 

  • PERMITS Before breaking ground, the city or county government must approve the design and issue necessary permits. This initial step, crucial to adherence to local regulations, sets the stage for the entire construction process.
  • SITE PREPARATION Clearing trees, rocks, and debris marks the beginning of site preparation. The ground is leveled, and a site pad is meticulously prepared. Before proceeding, a soil compaction test ensures the site’s integrity.
  • PLUMBING ROUGH-INSForms are placed, and plumbing drains and pipes are installed. Regular inspections are conducted to guarantee quality and compliance with standards.
  • FOUNDATION POUREDMost homes on the Gulf Coast are built on slabs or chain walls. After pouring the foundation, there is a curing period before further work can proceed.
  • FRAMINGThe structure takes shape as walls and roofs are constructed. Windows and doors are installed, and a protective house wrap is added to prevent water seepage.
  • ROOFING INSTALLEDOnce the framing is complete, roofing materials are installed, followed by exterior finishes such as brick, stone, stucco, or siding.
  • PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, AND HVAC INSTALLEDDuctwork for heating and air conditioning is installed alongside plumbing and electrical components within the walls.
  • INSULATIONAll exterior and attic walls are insulated to ensure energy efficiency.
  • DRYWALL After installing plumbing and electrical systems, drywall is put up.
  • INTERIOR TRIM Trim elements, including baseboards, moldings, doors, and vanities, are installed.
  • FLOORS, COUNTERTOPS, AND EXTERIOR The details of the Flooring, countertops, and exterior landscaping are nearly complete.
  • MECHANICAL WORK COMPLETED; FIXTURES INSTALLEDLight fixtures, outlets, switch plates, and HVAC systems are installed. Fixtures like sinks, faucets, and toilets are added.
  • FINAL TOUCHESCarpet and shower doors are installed, and construction debris is thoroughly cleaned. Landscaping is prepared and planted.


Production homes typically take three to five months. Comparatively, custom homes with Acadian Homes may extend to eight months or more, depending on various factors such as labor availability, materials, site preparation, and weather conditions.

INSPECTIONS & VISITSThroughout the construction process, multiple inspections are conducted by city or county inspectors to ensure compliance with local building codes.

      • Inspection 1: Foundation inspection after curing.
      • Inspection 2: Framing inspection before drywall installation.
      • Inspections 3 and 4: Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems inspections.
      • Inspection 5: Final inspection before obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.

MAINTAIN OR IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT – Stay in touch with your mortgage lender, and avoid taking on new debt or making significant financial changes that could impact your credit score during the construction period.

IMPORTANT: Don’t take on new debt, and consult with your lender before making any big decisions or financial changes. Don’t get a new car or apply for additional credit before your house is built because this could lower your credit score or increase your debt-to-income ratio beyond the allowable amount.


Your final walk-through/home orientation is a crucial step. Acadian Homes will guide you through your new home, explaining mechanical features and detailing the builder’s warranty. This exciting day is scheduled a few days before your closing.

Building a new home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is a significant investment. We appreciate your trust in Acadian Homes as your custom home builder, and we look forward to creating the home of your dreams in this idyllic coastal paradise.

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