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On-the-Spot Hacks for a Cleaner Home

May 19, 2020

We all want to keep our new homes in Gulfport MS clean and tidy. The easiest way to do that is to clean as you go. Use these hacks to keep up with the little things throughout the day so you’ll (almost!) never have a big mess to deal with.

  • Make your bed as soon as you get up.
  • Put dirty clothes directly into the hamper.
  • Hang up or fold and put away clean clothes when you take them out of the dryer.
  • When cooking and baking, put away ingredients as you finish using them.
  • Wipe up spills and drips as soon as they happen.
  • Give the inside of the microwave a quick wipe after every use.
  • Clear and wipe the table as soon as meals are over.
  • Instead of putting dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink, load them into the dishwasher immediately.
  • Empty trash and recycling cans when they are close to full.
  • Rinse out the bathroom sink after brushing your teeth.
  • Wipe splatters off the bathroom mirror as soon as they occur.
  • Squeegee the shower after every use.
  • Set a routine for entering your house after work. Put away your coat, shoes and purse, then open and sort mail before doing anything else.

Make your life easier by moving into a brand new home from Acadian Homes. Our homes offer plenty of storage space and easy-to-clean surfaces. Now is the time to get into a new home while mortgage interest rates are at a historic low.

We have two available homes under construction now on Parc Merlot in Oak Landing. We can also work with you to design and build your new custom home from the ground up. Choose a lot in Oak Landing or Plantation Oaks. We can also build on your lot in the Gulfport MS area.

Our New Home Sales Specialist Susan Siemiontkowski is available to chat, text or talk with you about your options for a brand new Acadian home. Use our LiveChat feature or contact Susan at 228-239-2621 to arrange your personal tour of our new homes in Gulfport MS.

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