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March 3, 2020

Kith Cabinets

Each of us at Acadian Homes understands that your home is your legacy and building one that will withstand the test of time is our goal. To do so, we researched our sub-contractors and vendors until we found those who not only met our quality standards; they met our customer’s as well.

We take pride in building you a true custom home in either our Oak Landing or Plantation Oaks communities or on your lot. As you drive through our communities, you will notice that no two home exteriors are the same. It is equally as important that the interiors are unique as well. When it came time to select the cabinets for our homes, two requirements were at the top of our list. First and foremost, of course, is quality. The next was the ability to customize the selections.

Kith, our cabinet vendor, is a family-owned business located in Alabama. As their website states, they offer exceptional cabinetry by “combining style, design, quality, and craftsmanship, employing the most modern manufacturing process and building with the finest, industry-leading materials, backed by our Lifetime Warranty.” Our Design Team also loved the brand confidence behind their Assurance Pledge.

When choosing cabinet doors for your kitchen, bath, or other space, the cabinet door design, coupled with the finish or color selection, sets the design tone for your space. Cabinets are often the most visible design element in the kitchen. No matter your style and design preferences, Kith offers a door style for every personality and home design from elaborate to simple.

  • Kith’s long-lasting touch finish was one of many more reasons they were a natural choice for cabinets:
  • They use Low VOC and water-based finishes for the coatings.
  • The Low VOC Varnish emits roughly 400% less in VOC than typical Conversion Varnish used in cabinetry.
  • Standard stain and pigmented base-coat finishes have 20 – 25 sheen semi-gloss topcoats.
  • Select from satin or semi-gloss finishes and pigmented base-coats.
    • Satin finish delivers the soft matte look and feel of fine furniture.
    • Semi-Gloss is a higher sheen finish with a distinct appearance all its own.
  • Antique enhancements can be added to both stains and pigmented base coats.
  • Glaze adds richness and character by applying a contrasting color to the details of the piece.
  • Rub-Through delivers an aged, worn appearance.

Destin Door with Natural Vintage Finish


Kith Kitchens utilizes both sprays and wiped stains to ensure maximum color uniformity and depth of grain enhancement.


Kith Kitchens has advanced finish application technology to give our cabinets the beauty and durability for a lifetime of use.


The catalyzed finish forms a chemical barrier and a hard film to protect cabinets from household chemicals, moisture and wear.

View our complete selection of cabinets in our Design Selections brochure online.

Kith Kitchens.com

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