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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home on Breaks

April 7, 2020

During school breaks, parents need creative ways to keep kids entertained in their Gulfport MS new homes. When your kids are home from school, try these ideas for fun, productive time off:

  • For breaks of a week or longer, provide your kids with some structure to their days. For short breaks, such as one or two weeks, try to loosely maintain the school schedule. Have the child get up, eat, and go to bed close to their usual times. This will make it easier for them to readjust to the school schedule when they go back.
  • Aim for a mix of free time, physical activity, quiet time and short periods of schoolwork or studying. Limit screen time to specific periods during the day or evening.
  • Include outdoor time every day if possible. Play tag or catch in the back yard, plant a garden or walk the family dog.
  • Help younger kids keep in touch with friends. Even if they can’t meet in person, let them call or video chat with their BFFs.
  • Use time off to tackle fun projects with your kid. Build that 3d puzzle or model car you’ve been putting off. If they’ve expressed an interest in a hobby you have, now is the time to teach them the basics.
  • Let the kids help you with household chores. They’ll stay busy and learn skills they’ll use throughout their lives. Have them sort through their clothes and toys to find things to give away, or teach them to do laundry and cook simple meals.

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