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Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020

January 13, 2020

What will be the hottest interior design trends in new Gulfport MS homes in 2020? The start of this new decade is likely to bring exciting changes in home décor as some of the most popular recent styles fade into history.

These are some of the hottest trends that designers see on the horizon for 2020:

Bucking the trends

Ironically, one of the biggest trends taking shape is the purposeful effort to be untrendy. Rather than follow what’s popular, those who go this route pick and choose the décor elements that suit their personal taste with no regard to what’s “in” at the moment. The result is a home that reflects the personalities of its occupants in a truly unique way.

Evolution in the kitchen

Big changes are coming in kitchen design. While dark painted cabinets will remain popular, they’re getting more competition from natural wood tones. Quartz countertops are emerging as a more durable and less expensive option to marble. An even bigger change in the kitchen is the arrival of double islands. These provide additional work, storage and serving areas in large kitchens without taking up wall space.

The return of comfort

Cool grays are giving way to warmer colors like beige and soft green. Color and pattern will see a resurgence along with natural materials, found items and unique vintage pieces. All of this adds up to a look and feel of homey comfort and a move away from the sleek styles that were popular in the past few years.

At Acadian Homes, we design and build homes to last for generations. Our timeless styles make it easy and fun to update your décor and show off your personal style. Check out our photos page to see a selection of spacious, soothing interiors designed for modern lifestyles.

We have two homes under construction now in Oak Landing. The home at 12008 Parc Merlot is a one-of-a-kind New Orleans-style home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. The home is filled with high-end finishes and will be completed in March 2020. Its neighbor at 12018 Parc Merlot has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths with similar elegant finishes and true Southern style.

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