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Furniture Shopping Tips

March 8, 2020

It’s moving day and you’re ready to decorate your brand new home built by Acadian Homes. It’s time to fill each room with your style and personality starting with the furniture. Not only is the furniture in your home functional, it also determines whether the rooms have a formal feel or are more comfortable and relaxed. Here are a few tips to help when furniture shopping for your brand new home in Gulfport MS.

CREATE A BUDGET – First, decide what type of furniture you need, living room, bedroom, etc. Set a budget for each room and be sure all align with your total budget. Tweak the room amounts if needed to stay within your parameters. A preset budget helps when you go to the furniture showroom to make your selections.

PLACEMENT – Decide where you will be placing each piece. If you are going to put a sofa near a window, be sure to pick a fabric that is resistant to fading over time. In the kid’s bedrooms, take into consideration their age and your ability to change furniture pieces in the future. You don’t want your kids to grow out of the brand new furniture within a few years so invest in a few classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Bedding, paint color and window treatments can be used as decor to celebrate any age.

MEASURE YOUR ROOMS – Knowing how big your rooms are before going to the showroom will help when choosing pieces. Bring your measurements and ruler to the store to be sure they will all fit together. Don’t forget to measure doorways and staircases. You want to be sure your purchases can fit into the desired rooms.

BE CRITICAL – The surface, whether stain or paint, should not have any bubbles or streaks. You should be able to see the wood grain through stain colors. Wicker, cane or rattan furniture should not have any frayed edges as they will only worsen over time.

DO YOUR RESEARCH – If you are buying something expensive like a leather sofa, be sure to do your research on the grades of materials, kinds of dye, textures and so on. Shopping online is convenient; however, there’s no substitute for seeing and feeling the textures and colors in person. Plus, with a local furniture store, you have the opportunity to give it a test to see how comfortable it is.

PAY FOR DELIVERY – Save yourself the headache and backache from struggling to get the furniture in your home and/or putting it together. Pay the furniture store to deliver your pieces. The experts know the easiest and safest way to get the furniture into your home. It’s money well spent and you will be able to enjoy your brand new home much quicker.

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