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November 28, 2023

Unwrapping Enchantment: Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips for a Magical Touch!

There’s something magical about decorating for the holidays. This year, we could all use a little magic in our lives! If you’re looking for the hottest (and cheapest) ways to get the most out of your holiday decorating this year, read on.

Decorate the Front Porch

There’s something cheery about seeing decked-out front porches. It’s easy to spread cheer without leaving your home just by sprucing up your front porch.

Garland, lights, a 6-foot wooden sign, and a beautiful wreath, and you have yourself a merry little porch that will bring smiles for miles. Have some fun creating your holiday porch this year and bring a smile to everyone’s face as they go down your street.

Choose a Theme and Use it Throughout your House

Pick a theme you can use throughout the entire house. Even if it’s just a specific color, stick with it throughout the house. For example, if you choose silver or gold, choose an accent color to go with it (red or green are great choices). Then, use the theme in every room in your home (that you decorate). It will create a cohesive and cozy feeling throughout your home.

Fresh Garland is Beautiful (and Smells Good)

Greenery isn’t just for your front door. Bring beautiful green garland inside your home for an elegant look and smell. Wrap your banisters, adorn your mantel, and drape them around the doorways. Add lights, small ornaments, or bows and you have yourself an elegant Christmas display with little effort.

Lots and Lots of Lights

There’s nothing more festive than lights. White lights are sophisticated and gorgeous, but colored lights also bring another element of festivity to the scene. Use lights everywhere, not just on the Christmas tree. Light up your banisters, mantles, doorways, and underneath your kitchen cabinets for a festive and fun look.

Don’t Stop at the Front Door

All too often, we focus on the entryway and stairway but forget about the rest of the home. Give each room in your home a holiday touch and spread the cheer no matter where you go. There’s something so cozy about seeing bits of holiday in each room, even if it’s something small like a wreath, stockings, or even rustic holiday signs.

Add Tabletop Trees around your Home

If you don’t have the time or energy to manage the big trees in more than one room, add tabletop trees throughout. They are just as elegant and make the room feel just as cozy with a quarter of the effort and time.

Have some fun experimenting with holiday cheer this year – decorating your house in beautiful yet simple colors and decor. Happy Holidays from all of us at Acadian Homes.

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