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7 Paint Colors to Create a Soothing Vibe

April 17, 2020

Choosing paint colors for new homes in Gulfport MS can be fun—and overwhelming. One of the best ways to make the selection process easier is to know what mood you want to create. If you’re looking to turn your home into your personal sanctuary, these colors can make it feel like a soothing retreat.

Muted green

Green is perhaps the most tranquil and calming color because people are hardwired to be surrounded by it in nature.

Soft blue

What can be more relaxing than a summer sky? Bring that feeling into your home with shades of blue from robin’s egg to rich azure.


Surround yourself with this combination of blue and green to create a feeling of water and the sea.

Warm gray

This neutral can fade into the background, creating the perfect setting for your stylish furniture and favorite artwork.

Crisp white

Nothing symbolizes fresh starts and clean slates more than pure white. If you love to change your decor often, this is the color to pick.

Creamy yellow

Soft buttery yellow brings a warm glow into any room. It can remind you of sunny days and is shown to make people feel more cheerful.


The color of a sandy beach can make your home feel inviting. It’s another ideal neutral that goes with almost anything.

At Acadian Homes, our design experts are skilled in using color to create the right mood in a new home. Browse our photo gallery to see how we’ve used some of these soothing colors in our new homes.

Two brand new homes are available now in Oak Landing in Gulfport MS.

The one-of-a-kind custom home at 12008 Parc Merlot uses cool tones throughout for a fresh, clean feel. The exterior is a rich deep blue with crisp white trim. White kitchen cabinets and tiles are accented with warm gray hardwood floors and nickel lighting fixtures.

Warm tones create an embracing mood in the home under construction at 12018 Parc Merlot. The exterior is a classic tan with cream-colored accents and white trim. Inside, you’ll find hardwood floors in deep brown, sienna granite countertops, biscuit subway tile and Venetian bronze master bath hardware.

Don’t miss your chance to purchase one of these homes while interest rates are low. Call Susan Siemiontkowski at Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty at 228-239-2621 to new homes in Gulfport MS.

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