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5 Surprising Health Benefits of a Brand New Home

March 19, 2020

Did you know that new Gulfport MS homes are healthier to live in than old ones? Living in a new home has both direct and indirect benefits to your well-being. Here are 5 ways that a new home helps you feel your best:

  1. Living in a new home is good for your mental health. You can feel good about the home you live in when it’s brand new and designed to your specifications. When you look around your new home, you see things that you like and enjoy. In an old home, you most likely will have areas that need to be updated, repairs that need to be made, and even room layouts that don’t quite work for you and your family. In a new home, you feel less stressed because you aren’t dealing with ugly design choices from a previous owner or old cabinet doors that don’t quite close all the way.
  2. The air inside a new home is often cleaner than in an old home. New homes have clean heat sources such as an energy-efficient heat pump or sealed combustion furnaces to keep harmful gases from leaking into the interior environment. The air ducts are brand new and clean on the day you move in, unlike old house air ducts that can be clogged with dust, rodent droppings and pet hair. New homes don’t contain asbestos, and modern paints and finishes are formulated to reduce or eliminate harmful fumes.
  3. Properly designed and built new homes can have less chance of developing mold. Modern building techniques can stop moisture from rising out of the ground into the house. Good ventilation systems promote the exchange of fresh air that helps inhibit mold.
  4. New homes have state-of-the-art mechanical systems. Modern electrical and heating systems are safer than those used in the past, and plumbing systems are free of lead pipes.
  5. Better indoor climate control means that you’ll enjoy more pleasant indoor temperatures and humidity levels year-round. You won’t have to suffer through cold drafts in the winter or oppressive heat in the summer.

At Acadian Homes, our beautiful brand new homes are designed and built with your health, comfort and safety in mind. Call Acadian Homes today at 228-239-2621 or visit our website to learn more about our beautiful new Gulfport MS homes.

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